Paris…a perfect garden

I love this little verse and the pic that goes with it. I wrote this on my first trip back to Paris after many years, it was the birth of my blog I hope it gives you a little image of one of my favorite cities. XOXOX Sandy

2 Sisters in Paris

I started my day today on a solo excursion up the street from our hotel.  I stopped at Cafe Pierre on Boulevard Magenta to have my morning (or actually early afternoon) cappuccino.  The sky is overcast today and the it is windy and a bit chilly, but when the sun comes out it warms quickly.  I spent time at several street corners with my camera in hand snapping cyclists – I was amazed at how well they navigate the traffic and the streets – people of all ages, sizes, men, women and kids!  I snapped the photo below of a beautiful Parisian dressed to kill and on her bike!  You would NEVER see this in Dallas!!!   The city is bustling all around me and inspires my muse….

Parisian woman on her bike

Pulsing, living, breathing, in and out
Paris the city of people – diverse, beautiful at it’s core
Inspiring, magical, elegant, cryptic, crazy…

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