A world created from passion

A world created from passion art by Albena VatchevaI know that we have all lived in or experienced a world created from passion. Probably the most memorable experience was a passionate romantic encounter, and one of the most painful too. Worlds are created from passion.  Kingdoms rise and fall for it.  Lovers get together and part each because of it.  Movements are started with it.  Everyday our hearts are moved to action by it – or not.  The lack of passion is to feel unmotivated, caught in rote, trapped by redundancy, living in mediocrity.  Passion is so powerful that we refer to the brutal death of Jesus Christ as  “the passion”.  The word passion from the dictionary describes it like this: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something: a strong feeling (such as anger) that causes you to act in a dangerous way: a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone: to suffer.  Arhhhh, I hate that last one.  I think that most of us seek for passion that will turn us upside down and make us feel like our life has meaning.  Today my dear friends, I wish you passion.  I wish you love!

Here are a few verses that I wrote about two people experiencing that beautiful moment of falling into passion.

Love and Peace

A world created from passion

Your lips suffocate me
the sweetness of your mouth on mine
…your breath mingles with my breath
breathing in your honey
living in your passion
one moment of your drinking
one moment of your touch
one mingling
two moments later…
our world is created.

The beautiful art in this post is by artist Albena Vatcheva.

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