New Musings on Love

New Musings on Love When it comes, I feel completely distracted.  Getting me to focus on the things that matter is like pulling skin off my bones.  Funny how unpredictably these moments are, when the muse, my passions, utterly consume me.  What is that?  Why?  It comes upon me like an obsession, like a brain... Continue Reading →


Captured There is a wholeness that sometimes I don’t understand A feeling in my heart of being 10 again The joy of being with and looking at this man …You have captured my heart       © Sandy Hibbard

Tickles and Kisses

Tickles and Kisses Park your heart on my bed settle in take a swim in my blue eyes gazing down on you diving into you Smooth sheets under my skin don’t tickle me like your belly does like your laughter does Cover me up with that white shirt mingled with your sweat sweet scent Lace... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Fall in Love. I Rose in It.

I wanted to share this article that was shared out by and written by Orsolya Hajnali so beautifully that it made me cry.  Love is a dance, a connection between two beings that desire to be in the journey together, to grow, experience, and to explore together this present moment and all the moments... Continue Reading →

A world created from passion

I know that we have all lived in or experienced a world created from passion. Probably the most memorable experience was a passionate romantic encounter, and one of the most painful too. Worlds are created from passion.  Kingdoms rise and fall for it.  Lovers get together and part each because of it.  Movements are started... Continue Reading →

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