love’s the only gift worth giving

love is the gift worth giving photo by Photolab6

I was reminded yesterday as I was driving from Austin Texas back to my home in Dallas about the love that has surrounded my life – through the all good and all the bad – love has been there always.  It has come to me in so many ways, from so many unsuspecting places, from so many beautiful people; strangers, lovers, family, co-workers, friends. It has come to me even when I was unloveable! (yes, I can be sometimes!) I have chosen to follow the path of love because I truly believe it is the reason we are here and what binds us all together.  Now I know that love can be crazy, and it can be pretty painful sometimes too – we get hurt most from the people we love and share our true self with, but the benefits of opening our hearts and loving far outweighs the pain. I wouldn’t change one moment of loving for anything.  It is the gift that gives life.  It is the voice that tells us we are alive.

I pulled out an old CD by Oleta Adams during my drive and was taken back to the time when I first heard this song  “Will we ever learn?”, I knew I needed to share it’s message with you.  Take a minute and read through the lyrics below then click on the link to listen to the song and let it remind you of the magic, the beauty, of love.  The love that is here for the taking.  And remember, it’s not just about a romantic love (which is wonderful to have), but it is more importantly about the love we share with each other as human beings.  So, today, stop and breathe, slow down, dance, kiss, open your eyes and heart and experience love…then give it away!

Love and Peace

Top photo by French Artist Alain Laboile

Will we ever learn? [song by Oleta Adams]

slow down and take the time to give the gift of loveWe could take a train be miles away by morning
and forget about those things we’re supposed to do
because we can’t afford to waste another moment
we’ll make the world just wait for me and you
people try to build their castles
in the sky
gotta climb so high
you and I
sometimes were blinded by the light
if we’d only use our eyes

will we ever learn?

loves the only reason why we’ll all be living
its the only gift worth giving
and the world will turn
everytime another lover takes that bow
we will make it somehow
will we ever learn?

stop and give the gift of love

and the people on the street are always rushing
so afraid they might miss out on something big
I don’t care if we don’t ever make a million
we just gotta find another way to live
dance with me
moving to the rhythm
can you feel me breathe?
what else do we need?
close the door
nothing really matters only this
only love is worth the risk

will we ever learn?
loves the only reason why we’ll all be living
its the only gift worth giving
and the world will turn
everytime another lover takes that bow
because we’ve only got now
will we ever learn?

Thank you Oleta for reminding us….

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