Dazed in an Ice Cocoon

Dazed in the ice cocoon

Dazed in an Ice Cocoon 
I want to write but my mouth is full of silence
my thoughts numb
quietly laid with a blanked-gazed-stare
am I becoming wiser in this silence
or closing up the gates?
oh Joy where are you?
and what is faith except an exit door from reality?
my heart feels silent
my thoughts sting in an icy chasm of dismay
unfeeling but for tears
yet tears not warm enough to thaw this ice
that envelopes my mind like a cocoon
a quiet mausoleum
holding all that I am in keeping
determined not to let me out
a place of burial
but there is no death here
only waiting
waiting on the promise of warmth
and feeling
my body sucked of life
robbed of fulfillment
will return wholly warm
safe to venture out
confident to speak
willing once again to shed this ice cocoon

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