You are on the Edge of Doing Something Fabulous – Just Seize the Moment!

Central Park in ManhattanHey everyone and greetings from New York City!  I am here for a bit to work and play and observe!  When I am working in New York, I am always looking for new and creative ways to serve my clients – new marketing ideas, new projects, new trends, to feel the pulse of the people and the culture, what they want, how they respond and what they listen to!  We are always learning, yes?!   And on a personal level, when I’m playing, I am always out for adventure and to explore the world and my life as it unfolds each moment, to learn new insights and look for examples of love in action.

So, this morning I started my day running up to Starbucks at 66th and 3rd to get my morning coffee.  After enjoying my tall-nonfat-one-splenda-extra-foam-latte I hit the street again for an exhilarating and exploring jog over to Central Park. As I found my way to the park and through and around some of the trails, I heard a saxophone playing and being a musician and lover of music, I of course pointed my body into that direction to find it.  When I came to a central area there was a musician playing his horn, and he was good.  As I ran upon him and then past him, I thought, “you know, I should just ask him if I can sing with him, I mean, how cool would it be to sing in Central Park on this day?! …..nah, that would be silly, I will just stay on my current path, keep running”.  So I ran on past him and soon stopped to get a few pics of the scenery [the thought of singing was still working in my mind, though].  As I continued to run, getting further away from the music, this bold thought jumped onto my mind, it was a decisive thought, a decision was made – “just do it, run right over to him and ask him if you can sing with him.  Do you want to miss this chance to sing with a GOOD MUSICIAN in CENTRAL PARK NEW YORK?  Are you crazy to miss out on this moment?  Practice what you preach girlfriend!!!”  So, I turned my jog around and headed straight to him.  He was about to play another song, so I motioned to him to hold up a minute, “hey! can I talk to you?” and he said “sure”.  I came to a quick stop and said to him “you are a really good  horn player (nearly out of breath) and I don’t have any money with me to tip you, but I am singer from Dallas and would love to sing a song with you”.  He looked at me and said “ok – go!”  So I started slowly and deliberately with one of my favorites, “Summertime”.  As I began singing he smiled, he started playing his horn around me, with me, between my phrases, and over my turns.  It was great!  Afterwards we talked music for a few minutes. He gave me his card  (Ralph U. Williams, Saxophones & Flute) and invited me back anytime to sing songs with him, and I jogged off.   What a great experience!  But wait, here’s what happens next…

So I start jogging again, huge smile on my face, breathing in the 66 degree, freshly rained on Central Park air, pretty much delighting in just BEING.  I stopped for a minute at the statue of Shakespeare to take a quick pic.  While I am there, this man approaches me (he was dressed in blues) and in his very heavy New York accent said to me, “you just sang over there…?”
“Yes, that was me”, I responded.
“That was great”, he said, “you are really good,  I really enjoyed it.”
“Thanks so much!” I gleefully responded.
“I have had a really bad morning”, he continued, “and your song made me feel better.  I know I am gonna make it now and it will be fine – thanks for singing.”

Okay, wow.  Right?  I really don’t need to say anything about this, because I am sure you get it.  But just in case you don’t, here is the beautiful lesson I learned today – apply it to your life, your relationships, you, or your business, I don’t care, but apply it and embrace it!  When we live, really live, and listen, and follow our desire and our heart, we will make a difference in the lives of those around us – whether we know it or not – we will make a difference.  When we are urged in our minds to do something good, to embrace a moment, to follow a desire, do it.  That is real power.  That is real love.  That is real success. That is being alive!   Go for it!

Love and Peace!  Enjoy some of the pics below!

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4 thoughts on “You are on the Edge of Doing Something Fabulous – Just Seize the Moment!

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  1. Best story I’ve read all day and so fundamentally true! Do what makes you happy and watch your world unfold to the best it can be… and positively affect complete strangers in the process! Think of what an inspiration you were to that man! Totally changed his day, and maybe he did the same for someone else!
    Well done!

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