Be a HAPPY Flower – the Epic ONE

Be a Happy Flower at www.SaturdaySoul.comHere is the third writing that I have written as of late inspired by the word ‘ONE’ .  In my journey of self discovery and awareness, this [word] sticks with me.  I am NO expert, but what I FEEL about it is that there is a mystical and healing power in centering down within our hearts and minds to ONE beautiful stream of being.  Being in agreement with ourself – our desires, our thoughts, our actions, our word, and our love.  Ok, this may be a bit “out there” for some, but just consider being complete within yourself and realizing that YOU have the power to affect your life as ONE, as YOU.  As I told a friend this week – “…you are the ONE writing the movie script for the reel that’s playing of  your life.  Another’s opinion or demands or judgements on or about you are nothing more than someone else’s script of their movie playing in THEIR mind.  Direct your own movie!”

I am still exploring and discovering this every day.

Love and peace!

Be a HAPPY flower
Birds chirping
Sweepie splashing
Another night for one
Starbucks dinner of latte and pumpkin
Cigarettes ease something in me
A companion, a friend?
Is it too hard to grasp without a tragic end?
It’s a night of one
One bird fighting to feed her young
One mother praying for peace
Her one is gone, the other too
To someplace we don’t know

One is hoping for intimacy
One is struggling just to see
All one
Waiting for something better
Something to relieve the hurt and
Take away the anxious thoughts of life
Of love
Of needing one

One is happy, playing with his children
Working to make them feel like one
Busy busy busy
Tryin to be someONE
To know someone

Being alone as one, without another
Without a brother or a mother
So where does that one end?
And where will that one begin?
So the sages say there is but one
One happy flower, one feeling of power
One love to hold
One moment to last when the night gets cold

Dearest mother, my sweet brother
When will one be enough?
When will I feel like one?
Lonely sister, my sweet mister
When will you stop mourning the other
And embrace the one that’s with you?
Strong brother, when will you be one?
Little sister wants one for herself
Not to be lost in the mire of need
Just to be
And father my father
What’s to become of me?

Everything in it’s turn completes the other
Everything is a shadow of another
But the birds keep working and
The clock keeps reminding us that there has never been
A better time for one
We are alive, emboldened with our minds
Empowered by our thoughts
Laid bare by our desires

Be the one my daughter
Be one too, precious son
Don’t look back
Don’t’ seek the future
Live as the one who is
And know your power
Be a happy flower.

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