Dear World

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovies!  Sometimes when I am writing, I think that if I could speak my poetry or prose, it might bring a deeper meaning to the reader/listener. So, with this special Valentine’s Day post I decided to include a recording of me reciting the poem.  I hope you enjoy!

Today was a thoughtful day as I sat to write, so I think depending on where you are in your life and pursuits of the soul and love, this poem can take on several meanings. As I have often been accused of being in love with the world, I thought I would write about the ‘world’ as a lover juxtaposed against our lover who is our world.  I would love to hear from you and what you think about it.

Thanks, and as always, love and peace!

sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul


Click play for the recorded version of Dear World.


Dear World


I think of you

In the morning when I wake

In the evening when i go to sleep

I ponder what it would be like to have you in my arms

Like a lover

To share laughter with you

To be wrapped up in you

To break bread

Share wine

Tell stories

Just to be

I imagine how you would make me feel

Cozy and at home no doubt

I would lie safe and at rest

Drawing breath from your life

And sweet sleep in your dreams 


I am in love with you

When I open my eyes to a new day

I imagine you there to greet me

And without shyness I resound an encouragement for the day

A love note for living

I would cook up something great to eat

And we would sit by the fire and speak together

Of love and art

Life and pain

There we would giggle and weep

Because we are alive together

Throughout the day I am aware of you

From moment to hour

I am aware of the many things that nudge me toward you

I want to share my excitement

Hey did you see this? Did you know that?

I want to connect to you and share the emotions and joy that fill my thoughts

And just to know that you are ok

Is that too forward? Would that annoy you?

I wish I could bring you to my doorstep and into my room

Pour you a drink and touch your warm skin

There you would hold me

Touch my face and stroke my hair

Would that say I was too needy?

But in truth i am

I need your pulse in my heart

I need to know we are together on this journey

Dear World

Thank you for loving me

Thank you for letting me love you

You’re not alone you know

As far apart as we may be at times

I will always be here

Right by your side and in the stream

Where we have lived together for a million years

You are connected to the universe in me

You are my world

You are my love


© Sandy Hibbard February 14, 2017

Photography by Sandy Hibbard

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