Strung Out

Strung Out In the morning’s first light I think on love And when the last group of stars sweep across my eyelids My dream is fixed on love In between fresh hope and my own anticipated comfort My emotions are strung out Like a merry twisted strand of lights Some dangling off the wire carelessly... Continue Reading →

My Secret Conversation

My Secret Conversation In between the night and mornings first light There is a quiet moment when thoughts of you fill my heart Never to share out loud, these vision are held soul-captive My own secret conversation No one else In that secret place where I reveal my tender self Passionate longings give way to... Continue Reading →

Dreaming ties us all together

I wanted to share this post with you on this Monday morning that I published on my business blog at  I have been snowed in all weekend (and part of that time without electricity), so I have been thinking plenty about my dreams, my life, my desires - what to do next, what I should have... Continue Reading →

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