Dreaming ties us all together

dream ties us all together

I wanted to share this post with you on this Monday morning that I published on my business blog at LyricMarketing.com.  I have been snowed in all weekend (and part of that time without electricity), so I have been thinking plenty about my dreams, my life, my desires – what to do next, what I should have done, didn’t do.  Sometimes things happen in our lives that absolutely throw us off center. Smacks us upside the head.  There have been several times that has happened to me and I watched my dreams flow right out of me.  Finding your muse and igniting  your dream AGAIN is sometimes challenging (that is an understatement), but when we can dream together it connects us to something bigger than ourselves.  What I mean is this:  think of when you have shared a dream with someone?  Didn’t you feel more empowered?  Remember when someone supported and encouraged your dream?  Didn’t you feel stronger? I hope that on this cold frozen day you will let yourself be free to dream and find the strength and encouragement to pursue it!

Love & Peace,

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Dreaming ties us all together . . .

We can often get bogged down with the duties of living and building a business.  I loved this quote from American novelist and poet Jack Kerouac:  ”All human beings are also dream beings.  Dreaming ties all mankind together.”  Everyone from the CEO to the mailroom clerk have dreams, I wonder what would happen if we allowed each other our dreams without judgement?  Think of how our lives would flourish and our businesses would grow if we were truly free to pursue our dreams without reservation and embrace those around us to do the same?

Building our business requires that we engage with passion, tell a compelling and sincere story, and really care about what our product can do to serve our clients needs.  Keep your heart and mind focused on your dream, ignite it with passionately skilled action and watch it come to life!

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