Strung Out

dreaming on love

Strung Out

In the morning’s first light I think on love

And when the last group of stars sweep across my eyelids

My dream is fixed on love

In between fresh hope and my own anticipated comfort

My emotions are strung out

Like a merry twisted strand of lights

Some dangling off the wire carelessly

Others misplaced or burned out, dancing, fading

and crushed

Meditations, prayers, pleadings, tears and conversation

Exploring, creating, working, fears and aspirations

The magic of the sunrise and aroma of fresh coffee

The faint song of the bluejay

All work in tandem to lift my space into joy

Morning has come and with it a thousand years of possibilities

The tinkling rant of the rain on the porch

Reminds me that there is yet another season of growth for me

And there is time for giving

For I am focused on love

Painful mystical and illusive, burning hearts like a branding iron

Unconditional hopeful and healing, lifting me higher than my own desire

Courage grows stronger through the day but seems to wane as the light fades

Time slips again with all her demands

And chooses to slip into the night

Another moment held at bay

One more tear to end the day

Ever hopeful, steady, focused, like a train slithering along the track

Longing, weary, faded fears determined never to look back

In between the star-dusted night and the glimmer of morning dream in the mist of love

Where there is music wine and laughter

Dancing and living

Under the spell of giving

Holding hands and kissing

Understanding what was missing

Long walks and conversation, champagne and chocolate covered berries

Bringing to each other’s heart the fullness that we carry

Strung out

I dream on love

I dream with you

© Sandy Hibbard

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