l’art, l’amour et l’heure du cocktail

I love the mystique and nostalgia of the cocktail, here is a great article by the Paris Apartment, enjoy!

the paris apartment


bonjour, allo, santé et tchin tchin. hi all, how’s your fall unfolding? i love when the weather gets that crisp fresh feeling and the air has just the slightest chill. not to rush the season and look too far ahead but it’s that time of year when we naturally start to hibernate and nest a little. for many of us that means entertaining and although i’m not a big drinker, i’ve been thinking about putting a bar together for the impending festivities. i got inspired when i heard from my friend and colleague, doni belau. she’s the editor and brilliant mind behind a girl’s guide to paris and has just released a fantastic book titled ‘Paris Cocktails’. she’s offered to host a giveaway here today on the blog so if you’re interested, you can either purchase a copy at the link above or enter your name in the comments…

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Soul Quotes

Here are a few new quotes I have collected and have hanging around my office....good reminders to stay focused on what is important... love yourself then share that love, live in the moment, get rid of fear!  XOXOXO   Be Confident - Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we... Continue Reading →

Come Autumn

I just read this beautiful poem from House of Heart and had to share, so well put for those of us who dream of love, write of love, in New York

Paris Update: The Secret Project Revealed!!

Paris secret revealedHappy Tuesday! Just for fun I wanted to share a post I published on my 2sistersinparis.com blog a while back about an adventure sister Judith and I had in Paris, the subject matter? MEN! So ladies, this is for you on this beautiful Tuesday- a look at the men of Paris! Enjoy…..

2 Sisters in Paris

Words began to appear in English and to make some kind of equivalent. For what satisfaction it is hard to say, except that something seems unusually piercing, living, handsome, in another language, and since English is yours, you wish it to be there too.”       Robert Fitzgerald

When Sandy asked me to write the introduction to the “special project” I thought it would be easy; I mean, what woman has a hard time expressing why she is attracted to certain men? I guess this woman does because I’m finding it difficult to define much less explain and put into words. It is something of a mystery isn’t it? That attraction thing.

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Pressed Coffee and Freedom

  Pressed Coffee and Freedom  For my brother Bruce Every morning I have a little routine to start my day. After waking up I shuffle into the kitchen, fill up the water kettle, flip the little blue switch, grind the coffee beans and wait.  I wait for the water to heat and while I’m waiting... Continue Reading →

confessions of an imperfectionist

Beautiful and well said, thank you Jennifer Monet for sharing and encouraging all of us imperfect souls! XOXO

almost open book

Right now, as you read this, I have a pimple the size of Texas hanging out on my cheek, probably because I ate an entire block of sharp cheddar cheese in a 48 hour period.

I still love myself.

Right now, I am writing this instead of getting dressed, hair wet, breath smelling like coffee and morning halitosis, because I haven’t brushed my teeth. I’m scribbling it on the back of a receipt, because I forgot to charge my computer last night, and because I can’t find my notebook.

I still love myself.

Right now, I’m 30, and I live in my friends’ spare room, because I am too much of a location commitment-phobe to sign a lease, because I’m gloriously scared of losing my freedom in a normal job, and because I’m afraid if I stay in one place too long I might become bored… or even worse, boring…

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Your Pit Bull

I happened across this beautiful letter about a most amazing dog – a pit bull. I had to share it because my grandogs – two of them – are pit bulls and they are the most amazing creatures I have ever known. Veda and Brodie live with my son and his girlfriend in SLC, UT. When I go to visit, Veda, the oldest, sits by the side of my bed until I wake up every morning. They are amazing athletes in the strength of their bodies, but have the sweetest and smartest natures, loving and attentive to everything going on around them. This article makes me miss them! Enjoy….

Dear River,

I want to tell you a story about your dog, Zoe. We found her cowering at the pound. She wasn’t barking like the other dogs. She was simply laying there, looking up at us. The tag said, “lab mix” and she was slated to be killed in a week. We fell for it, thinking we were buying a lab.

She is not a lab. She is a pit bull.


As Zoe grew, we came to realize the pound had lied. I was scared. I felt irresponsible for letting this type of dog into my home. All of the stereotypes, preconceptions and worries filled my mind. Should I take her back? What would people think of us?

She is the definition of disenfranchised. When first time guests visit we lock her in her cage, not because she is dangerous, but because of unspoken fears. She receives wary glances from strangers as…

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Doing more only to do less – do we glorify busy?

I think we can all relate to this post on this Tuesday morning after Labor Day when all things begin to change toward the cooler more final time of the year. I was speaking to a friend earlier this week and talking about how the older I get the more it seems that things are too complicated – there is just too much “stuff” that we have to keep up with. There is absolutely something beautiful in learning to “simple down” our days so that we can truly live our lives to the fullest. I discovered this article this morning and had to share it with you guys, I hope you will enjoy it and learn to embrace it’s message. Love and hugs! Sandy

Campari and Sofa

Stop the glorification of busy.My friend Gavin was telling me about a conversation he had with some Dutch colleagues. Gavin, and his compadre Georgina, find that the sheer volume of work they are confronted with on a weekly basis is just un-doable within the confines of a normal 8-hour work day. So they regularly put in 10-hour days at the office. And another couple of hours at home picking up emails. This causes all sorts of problems: they’re tired all the time, their spouses feel ignored, they don’t want to go out at night or over the weekend and they lose touch with friends.

Hmmfff…”, said their pals, “In Holland, if you were to work like that we would think you were not coping.”

“Am I”, he wondered, “not coping? Or am I doing more than I should? And if I am doing more than I should –  what should I stop doing? And…

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Independence for ALL!

Where does your personal freedom begin…and end? Here is a blog I wrote a few years ago that I wanted to share with you again. Happy Independence Day to all, whether you live in the US or anywhere in the world, freedom begins within! Love and peace, Sandy

Saturday Soul

No cute rhyme or mystical mind-wanderings, just my thoughts on the price of FREEDOM – your freedom!

Just as our ancestors fought for freedom from a tyrannical empire and gave their lives to have their voices heard, so we must continue to fight the fight of freedom for our PERSONAL selves.  You know that many have died fighting against the British empire, fighting against “taxation without representation”, for women’s rights, for civil liberties, for human rights of all people, and so that other people could be free from monster dictators, but do we think (in this same light) about the men and women who have given their lives to be free from a TYRANNICAL SPOUSE or parent?  A denigrating boss or business associate?  And what about the physically and mentally challenged who fight every day for the independence of movement or thought?  There is sacrifice all around us.

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To all the June 27 birthday people! I wish you much love and peace and discovering the mystery! XOXOXO Sandy

Saturday Soul

Sandy Hibbard Wright


Saturday soul, birthday soul, living soul, precious soul
Mixture of love and spirit, insight and hunger, strength and frailty
Growing up, letting go, diving in

Saturday soul, birthday soul, moving soul, empty soul
Filling the void, finding the space, living in grace
Embracing my youth as a guide to old age

Saturday soul, birthday soul, wandering soul, giving soul
Passion’s spring of joy returning with the gift of living
Mystery, exploration, finding me whole

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Eyes of a Broken Soul


I read this poem today and it stopped me in my tracks, beautiful and sad…

Photo by http://marlenegutschmidt.wordpress.com



The eyes of a broken soul watch

In her dark curls

A headband of nightmares glitters

thousands of wilting flowers



Like splintered snowflakes

they drift in empty sounds

The eyes of broken soul wait

Her presence

an anxious shadow

that whispers darkness

into vacant atmospheres

The eyes of a broken soul yearn

a velvet cry that creeps from the corners

of an ancient dream

Thick fog moving from dead winters

Fractured stardust gathering

on soft, pallid hands

The eyes of a broken soul hunger

for stolen sweetness

melting between shattered lips

diamond skin and jasmine bones

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Bicycles and Other Love Stories

It’s almost spring and love is on everyone’s mind, time to get out your bike and go riding!

Saturday Soul

Bicycles and other love stories at SaturdaySoul.com

Bicycles and other Love Stories

I rode my bicycle down the street

inexperience got my toes caught in the spokes

tore them to shreds

yes, the hub of the wheel (that makes the bike go)

how did I know?

Then there was the speed queen experiment

down the sticky asphalt hill

no fear Sandy is here

Oh I can take this

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