Pressed Coffee and Freedom


Pressed Coffee and Freedom 

For my brother Bruce

Every morning I have a little routine to start my day. After waking up I shuffle into the kitchen, fill up the water kettle, flip the little blue switch, grind the coffee beans and wait.  I wait for the water to heat and while I’m waiting I sometimes sit at my kitchen table and write postcards to friends, read an article from the latest issue of Vanity Fair or peruse recipes in my Savour magazine, some days I head back to my bedroom and start dressing for the day.

While the kettle is gurgling and hissing hot water, I’ll grab the organic non-fat milk from the fridge and pour it into my nifty Nespresso milk steamer, and I wait. I’m waiting for the right moment when the kettle flips off so I can pour the hot water over the freshly ground coffee I have carefully measured then scooped into the Braun coffee press. I reach over and push the little digital timer set for four minutes and wait (I’m waiting now, in fact, while I write this) . . .two  minutes left, I reach over to click the button to start whirling the fresh milk into a deliciously perfect steamy foam.  Two minutes.  Two minutes for steamed milk!

The beep beep beep from the timer sounds after four minutes to signal the coffee has released the intensity of it’s flavors. The Nespresso has stopped whirling and I am ready to assemble all the ingredients into a lush extra foamy latte.  I lean over to the cabinet and grab my favorite mug of the day, sugar, and a spoon, fill the mug up half way with coffee (it is strong) then top it off with the hot milk – followed by the beautiful foam and a dash of a chocolate/sugar/cinnamon mixture on top. Yumm!

Now, time to sit down and sip my cup of freedom, finish my postcards, finish the article, or select a recipe for that evening. On mornings that I have appointments or deadlines, that cup of freedom will travel with me in the car or back to the bedroom to dress. No matter what, after my ritual, when I drink my coffee, I am reminded of how all good things take time, how the delicious parts of life should be watched and savored step-by-step, moment-by-moment.  This is my cup of freedom. It says to me that I alone can choose to participate in my freedom – to experience it on my own time, my own terms, orchestrated by my own inner music.  It sure beats sticking a plastic cup in a machine and running out the door!

My freedom routine each morning lasts for 20 minutes – MAX!  But those precious minutes belong to me and give me time to think about the ones I love, make plans for the day, and to be aware of the present moment. And let’s not forget about the coffee – fresh ground and pressed with a titch of hot milk or cream…just simply wonderful, the way it is meant to be consumed.

I have learned that there are some things in my life that are not worth shortcutting.  I am learning to look for more moments – to be aware, to create, to taste, to savor. Living soulfully is an art. Living soulfully is to embrace the loving moments that frame our life. I encourage you to be open to learning how to embrace the slower processes of making and enjoying the beautiful life that is you!



© Sandy Hibbard February 2018

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    My morning routine is quite different these days, perhaps I will write about that soon…. but the message is still the same. Enjoy your Monday! XOXOXOXO

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