Doing more only to do less – do we glorify busy?

I think we can all relate to this post on this Tuesday morning after Labor Day when all things begin to change toward the cooler more final time of the year. I was speaking to a friend earlier this week and talking about how the older I get the more it seems that things are too complicated – there is just too much “stuff” that we have to keep up with. There is absolutely something beautiful in learning to “simple down” our days so that we can truly live our lives to the fullest. I discovered this article this morning and had to share it with you guys, I hope you will enjoy it and learn to embrace it’s message. Love and hugs! Sandy

Campari and Sofa

Stop the glorification of busy.My friend Gavin was telling me about a conversation he had with some Dutch colleagues. Gavin, and his compadre Georgina, find that the sheer volume of work they are confronted with on a weekly basis is just un-doable within the confines of a normal 8-hour work day. So they regularly put in 10-hour days at the office. And another couple of hours at home picking up emails. This causes all sorts of problems: they’re tired all the time, their spouses feel ignored, they don’t want to go out at night or over the weekend and they lose touch with friends.

Hmmfff…”, said their pals, “In Holland, if you were to work like that we would think you were not coping.”

“Am I”, he wondered, “not coping? Or am I doing more than I should? And if I am doing more than I should –  what should I stop doing? And…

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