She’s Going to Win She Says With a Grin

She’s Going to Win She Says With a Grin

She weighs in

Ready to leave behind

Dead memory

Old places

Empty face entanglements


Meant for madness 

Of course

But she is not overtaken

Strong and fit

She empties out her sadness


Forgotten tears

Pathetic situations

Deep heartaches

Crazier conundrums

And wounds that seared


A cat of nine lives

She’s knocked them all out

Not on technicality

But on fight…

Every hit she landed


Landslide wins

And scars to prove it

Cuts, brokenness

And heartache

Left her grateful-handed


Who is this that challenges? 

Who calls herself to bleed?

Her agreesor

Will it pulverize her

Throw the towel and make her ceed?


Knock her down

Knock her out

Make her crazy

Will she steady?

… We will see


Seen with a stride

Honor is on her side

Wonder at her fingertips

Throwing magic

Love she lifts


Lifting a hypnotic punch

She directs the hit

With a sorcerers madness

And her brand

Of divinity


Divine child-like-edness

Grateful, grateful she whispers

And she steps into the ring

Again, for the very first time

She begins…



She says she’s going to win.



© Sandy Hibbard 



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