Mothers everywhere I celebrate you

I am a mother. I have a mother. I have raised a mother. Mother’s are not to be overlooked, or taken for granted. Motherhood is a sacred role that should be celebrated (as it is) and revered, taught and honored.

As a mother I celebrate myself

I raised two incredible humans. Our path was unusual and hard. The effects of divorce were substantial, far reaching and painful as much for them as it was for me. The mother spirit that was with me when I gave birth has only grown stronger through the years. And most importantly, the pursuit of my love has been never ending; leading us into the relationships that we share today as strong and loving individuals. I am proud to be a mother and I celebrate the strength and wisdom that I have gained through the challenges and the triumphs – and the joys – of raising my son and daughter.

I celebrate my daughter as a mother

When raising my daughter it was important to me to give her the example of motherhood that I wanted her to give to my grandchildren. The intimacy of our close relationship throughout her life built a foundation of trust and respect through sharing and non-judgmental acceptance. Today I see these qualities coming into fruition in my daughter as she raises her new baby. The patience and love, present awareness and tenderness she exhibits is a jewel in my crown as a mom. I really couldn’t be more proud of her.

As a daughter I celebrate my mother

Underlying my motherhood and my daughters, is the tapestry of wisdom, unconditional love, and strength of my mother. As in most families, and with all mothers, throughout life there are circumstances that mark your maturity, and situations that have the power to make you or break you. Mom has endured in grace, embraced the good and the bad, and has lived through hell and came back with a faith that is unbreakable. Her example of unconditional love and faithfulness has marked my life and continues to inspire me today as a mother and grandmother. She is a queen among women, a force to be reckoned with.

Mothers everywhere I celebrate you

I encourage you mothers to stay focused on your role as a mom. To realize that there is nothing more important than the task at hand to raise your children, and to do it in love and with patience. It is the diversity of women across the world and how they lovingly give and accomplish this task that is indeed the beauty of motherhood.  Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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