The Joy in Trusting

The Joy in Trusting…

The things that you need for today will be taken care of, they will be provided. Just trust.”

I believe this and I don’t think it to be some out of this world mystical, magical, religious or spiritual thing, I think it’s as natural as you and I and I know that if we embrace what’s happening today and focus on doing our best, the needs that we have will be taken care of.

I am thoughtful. I ponder it and wonder…. Is this Universe so compassionate that it does its best to take care of us all? How is that so? And why does it all seem so partial and uneven in the distribution of this grace throughout time and across the world? That I cannot speak to. I think of people who throughout time have lived under cruel and unjust circumstances, where survival has been their daily struggle. In fact, I feel a twinge of pain in my gut to speak so positively from my own good fortune while others have suffered in manners unspeakable. Yet, this is my experience, and although I have not escaped pain and tragedy in my own life, I have always been taken care of – one way or another. Not always as I had wished for, but somehow I was able to climb right back out of it – whole. With the strength of love, and the support of wiser people than myself, and my own damn tenacity, I am here. I. Am. Here.

So yes, I say trust. To everyone I say trust in yourself that you can do [overcome, handle, get through, slay, endure to the end] whatever is before you. Cry, scream, curse and sleep, then get up and love. Get up and believe. Wake up and work and do what is in front of you to do. Stay solitary in your focus. Give within your means and sometimes beyond your means. Find strength in knowing that the bad never stays, good things will come. Meet the bad things head on! Hold on to a grateful heart and a strong will. Don’t give in or give up, but bend, bend as is necessary and grow tall and strong in yourself. Then, when you have done all that, stand firm. Look for opportunities for your life, speak with your word the truth – release creative energy with your speech, and love. Love while always giving. Trust and uphold the good and put away from your mind the things that would make you feel less than you are. And know this… joy will come in the morning. I don’t know how and I sure as hell don’t know why… but it does. We are quite wonderful … all of us.


© Sandy Hibbard 2019

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