Look the Other Way

Look the Other Way

You say you understand

“I get you”

That’s sweet

I really need you to

But let me take you by the hand

And walk you through

A broken shattered soul

Full of cracks and gapping holes

A heart broken crushed

I know it doesn’t seem like much

But how could you possibly see

The pain that’s lived in me

Let me show you

How a shamed life is born

Of fear that turns to spite

Malice and strife

I could say it ruined my life

But yet I’m here

I faced the scorn

Easy for you to say

“Just look the other way

It was a long time ago”

There is so much you just don’t know

So many lost gems

In the upheaval of my soul

Too many opportunities laid to waste

Buried with anger in haste

I had to do the work

To pull myself back up

To end the hate and heal the hurt

It took a lifetime of mending

Lost dreams

Love ending

It took a million years

To look through the pain

And accept the love

Left by the stain

To become familiar with

The brokenness

“Let it go and let it rest”

Yes, I did it at my own request

So be quiet and respect

We all arrive in our own time

What I feel is not a crime

I don’t need to be hushed down

Or smile when everyone’s around

But thank you for your noticing

And forcing me to be

To understand is all I ask of you

And be patient

Because I “get you” too.



© Sandy Hibbard 2019

Image of Tilda Swinton from Only Lovers Left Alive.

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