Wisdom is Everywhere – Even in the Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

“Fortune cookie wisdom” is that Yoda-like knowledge that lovingly pops up around us right when we need it… if you are paying attention. It’s that good ole common sense that feels right, it’s the simple answer to a chaotic situation, it is the kind thought translated into effective action. And yes, it can come to you even inside the common fortune cookie.

Today I opened a fortune cookie after eating Chinese food and it read: You are the mast in everything. At first I thought it was a typo. Perhaps it should have said “master”, meaning that I was the master in every situation. Maybe. Then I thought, hmmm, it could mean exactly that – “mast”. After all, a ship can’t sail without one!  {A mast is a pole that rises vertically from a ship and supports the sails. It has a very important job – to support the sails, which allows the wind to propel the ship.}

The idea of me, you, us, being the mast of our lives carries some weight, doesn’t it? To realize that there is no one coming to bail you out. You are the one that charts your path and navigates your course. Heavy, but freeing, right? 

I am the mast in every situation.

This tidbit of wisdom discovered over lunch reminded me to stand tall and strong, to be brave and fearless. To be aware, conscious in the present moment. Without my own sound resolve and loving presence in the situations of my life, all will be chaos! I am the one that stabilizes the difficult times. I create the foundation that becomes my bedrock. I am the mast that supports the sails of my life that will point me in the right direction. Sure we get help along the way, in a million different ways, but consider that the help you need is flowing to you via your mast! Receiving the success and peace you seek ultimately depends on how well you “see” and respond to the wisdom that comes your way.

The simple beauty is this: life is faithful. Not to get too mystical or spiritual, but your own outlook, your faith, the Universe, God, whatever you put your trust in –  is consistent to give us what we need to support our lives. Knowledge is all around us to encourage, to teach, to guide us to truth. It will show us how to BE. Wisdom is with us everywhere, even in the fortune cookie! Wisdom’s lessons are in Nature. We hear its voice in the loving words of our friends. It is the light that illuminates our journey through the little gems strewn along the footpath. Pay attention.

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