Abiding Peace

I found this beautifully written work recently, and have no idea who wrote it, but it spoke to me.  I’m sharing it with you because I feel like no matter what an individual has gone through or is currently experiencing in their life, this absolutely applies.  As we all struggle to overcome past conditioning, hurts and disappointments, let’s continue to sift through the clutter to discover a clearer mind and a centered heart.

Love and Peace!

sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul

By recognizing that our unconscious emotional reactions to others are reflections of our own emotional past, we begin to break the illusion that other people are making us feel these things.  That puts us in a position of strength rather than feeling like a victim of circumstances.  From there we need to heal the pain from our past so that our history of trauma does not continue to generate more suffering in our present.  To do that we need to make the unconscious emotional patterns of our psyche more conscious. 

Meditate daily to bring a permanent sense of self-awareness present in all your thoughts and behavior.  The stronger that self-awareness is, the more the light of that consciousness will penetrate all the dark recesses of your unconscious mind.  That light of consciousness is healing and non-judgmental, its background presence will remove your past conditioning and bring a sense of abiding peace.


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