Fear, bad habits, laziness – What is really holding you back in your life?


Happy Monday, happy Spring!! The more I have thought about it, the more that I realized that what is holding us back most in life is not what I thought. So, what is it really?

What stops us from being healthy, stops us from being successful at our job, stops us from having great relationships, stops us from being happy, stops us from being fulfilled, causes us to be victims? What is stopping us from getting what we want in life? It is the thing that holds us back from making the necessary changes in our life, and it is not fear of change.

Change is the key to getting what we want most, but it is the one thing most of us are not willing to do, no matter what. People are literally willing to die instead of change. That is why I keep pounding on it. That is why I keep trying to find the key to opening up the lock of change.

Fear of change is one of our major road blocks to success, but the more I see and the more I experience, it is pretty clear that in most cases it is really not “fear of change” that is holding us back. We say it is because in some way that is almost acceptable. If someone is fearful of something it is understandable and almost acceptable that they will not change as it is really tough to overcome our fears. However, saying we are not successful at something in life because we are fearful is a copout. For the most part, the real reason people don’t change and improve their circumstances, is we are plain old too LAZY to change!

Think about what it is you are struggling with in life .What it is that you want? Why is it that you are not getting it? Is it fear of change or is it because you are too lazy to change? Honestly?

I wish I knew the formula to eliminating laziness and I could put it in a bottle. If I had it I would be worth a Trillion dollars. Think about it — laziness causes obesity, many cancers, poverty, divorce, addiction, war, unhappiness…it causes death. Yet people are still just too lazy to change.

So, if laziness is my problem, where do I start? The first step to overcoming almost anything in life is to admit it. It does not matter what it is, addiction, obesity, poor relationships, etc. The first step to success and breaking through is admitting the truth. I am just too lazy too. We have to quit hiding behind fear, circumstances, others, etc. and admit we are just too lazy to change. Then we will be on our way.

Make it a powerful week and don’t be too lazy to do what you need to do to.     ; )

Love and Peace!

sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul

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