Believe in a world where anything is possible


Embracing a childlike heart is where the magic is in our day, in our life. It is that hope within us that believes anything is possible!  I have been intrigued by the concept of a “childlike” heart my whole life. To love, give, laugh, forgive, understand and be in wonderment of the world around us – no matter what age or what you’ve gone through. Basically, it’s keeping the bitterness out and hurdling over disappointment as though it were a small obstacle. Sometimes it’s hard, hell most of the time it almost buries us! You know the resting bitch face? The frowning old-persons face? I’m not being mean, but I’ve always wondered what is up with that upside down mouth that pulls the face down toward the ground. Life is difficult and I have seen its effect, not only in my life, but in the lives of my friends and family, and the people I love. I understand how that over time the things we experience can create a constant frown that comes from worry, heartache and disappointment. We all feel it. We’ve all been there.

I miss that little girl in me and I do my best to awaken her heart and allow her to guide me and remind me of who I really am. She is the one who dreams without barriers and who believes in magic and that she can do anything.  The one that trusts that love is true and that people are wonderful. She is grownup and smart, so she gets it and knows that life is not all rosy. When things get tough, she just lays down the law and simply calls bullshit on it with a tender spark of understanding… treating it like a unique challenge that she must creatively find a way through. She pushes her way past all the clutter and noise, just like a bull in a china closet, just like a determined little kid, and raises her head to laugh and play and live LOUD. And I will let her because I choose joy and life over all else, and that is what she represents to me.




It’s not always that easy though, is it?  But here is what I learn – everyday: Lift up your head, put a spring in your step (literally, get a little sassy). Swing your arms, look at the sun and think about the universe. Walk like a super model, like you have a million bucks in your bank account, put a flirty look in your eye, give a dollar to a homeless or street person, make eye contact with a few people giving them a smile when you do – and BOOM BOOM BAM! you will feel an immediate lift in your spirit right in that moment. You will begin to feel your power surge up. Do it every time you feel your gaze has turned downward. You see, much of what we feel is due to what we are dwelling on and even in our body language, so make a pose and tell your body to tell your brain it’s all going to be just fine. Keep your wonder and explore like you were a curious 5 year old, and anything will be possible!

Love and hugs!

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