Ahhhh love…. my cherished teacher

To be present in the moment and embrace each nuance of it is a gift we must learn to recognize, and there is no better teacher for this than love. Love unrequited, love satisfied, self love, brotherly love, your love rejected, love grown cold, love gone away, love nurtured, lusty love – in every case, love will shake you to your hearts core all while showing us that we are really not in control.  No one is in control. We learn to let go in love. We learn to hold on through selflessness, giving, thinking of ourselves second. We learn the power of “other” and humility when a decision is made and we know that someone else will embrace, acquiesce, or defiantly reject it. We are not in control of other’s behavior, affections, or desires. So if we are getting what the Universe is giving, we are practicing opening our hearts and becoming increasingly aware of each moment. Acknowledging gratefully the power of letting go and with a strong will accepting responsibility for our own behavior. In times when I long for more (you know those old friends “want and desire”?), I stop, take note, and speak to the brevity of the day and the infinite possibilities that teem within me. Those reality moments are my eternity, cherished. They bring peace and acknowledge that I am enough, allowing me to give back the gifts the Universe has given.

~ Sandy Hibbard

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