MOrPHine maDNEss

Here is a piece I wrote recently NOT under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but under the spell of the letter “M” and dreams, the crazy, insane world that can live in only our own heads.  Think a little MacBeth or Shakespeare when you read or listen to this and try to find your way through the maze to discover what your morphine madness would be…  then let me know what you think in the comments.

sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul

Click the audio link below for spoken word poetry.

Morphine Madness

morphine moments
momma making movies
marquees mocking men
marveling matriarch
minding mere matter
mumming memories
mayhem mashes moonlight
maligning me
mocking my motivations
making mighty
maybe magnificent
mere mitzvahs
muzzled misfits
mixing music
masking mythology
milking murky mercy
magical makeup
mezcal mosques
mooning midnight
making morphine madness

© Sandy Hibbard 2017 Brooklyn NY

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