Costumes, Candor, Glitter and Glamour

Costumes, Candor, Glitter and Glamour 


I want to live amidst the bustle
where diversity teems
together without hate
sweet treats and ginger snacks
at your fingertips
I can hear the cargo horn
as the bell train whistles
while the ferry boat leaves in its wake
blue waves streaming
shortening the distance between us


I want to experience the rush
humanity in every color
make and weight
tribal costumes
stately candor
sparkling glitter
and New York glamour


I want to feel the rumble
of the train tracks
on the walls
under my feet
and the hiss hiss hiss of the steam pipes
clanking in the night
when I sleep


I want to live loud
revel in the experience
of what has always been
to me mysterious
to know myself
and my fellow humans
alive with understanding
built together by our suffering


Learning to grasp the unattainable
I catch a million dreams
breathing living examples
that are right in front of me


Marching along
Kings Highway
feet on the ground next to yours
sweet sweat stings the eyes
sun on our skin
life on the street
part of the tribe


a tapestry
a wonder
reassuring me everything is alright
sounds of the street car
multi light tracers
I am sanguine
living too loud
loving too much
and everything in-between


© Sandy Hibbard 2017

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