30 Habits To Support Your Life and Happiness


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30 Habits To Support Your Life and Happiness

Life has enough obstacles and challenges by itself that we don’t have to make it harder by adding a bad attitude or a stupid decision (ok, I know that SOMETIMES we are going to do that just because we’re human!) BUT, I believe we really can make it easier on ourselves.

We can prepare ourselves for a successful day, a wonderful life, by setting up patterns and habits that support the life we want.

It can be as simple as changing some of the basic decisions we make and actions  we do everyday. Getting out of our own head helps too. Get rid of the drama and strife – in all forms – past and future – and focus on embracing each moment (a lifelong challenge and journey for me indeed!)

I’m sharing 30 suggestions to help you keep the anxiety and complexity OUT and the simplicity and peace IN your life.  Don’t laugh, some of these are simple, but trust me, they carry amazing value!


1. Drink more water

2. Take deeper breaths

3. Respect your feelings, assess what you are truly feeling and why, then respond accordingly

4. Let go of the past

5. Stop spending so much money in hopes that it will bring more happiness

6. Depend upon yourself to discover happiness, not others

7. Move your body – walk, run, take a zumba class – move your most precious gift – a healthy body

8. Involve yourself in relationships that are uplifting, healthy and respectful

9. Stop the competition mindset and instead focus on discovering and embracing YOUR strengths

10. Give yourself at least 30 minutes a day to just be by yourself

11. Care about someone or something (pet, charity, etc) as much as you care about your own life

12. Clean up after yourself  – as you go

13. Never go to bed mad, especially at a loved one

14. Read more

15. Cook more meals at home

16. Let go of jealousy and instead recognize and foster your own gifts

17. Say less, listen more

18. Stop being involved in gossip – whether sharing or receiving

19. Change your oil every 3 months and rotate your tires

20. Keep your standards high instead of lowering them to be accepted

21. Never leave a dirty kitchen, clean it up after each use

22. Tell the truth – good heavens just be honest!

23. Send thank you cards

24. Be true to your word

25. Don’t take things personal, everyone comes from their own perspective, their own dream of their life, it has nothing to do with you

26. Limit your alcohol

27. Let go of perfection, and instead simply DO YOUR BEST

28. Take responsibility for yourself – stop blaming others

29. Don’t assume anything, if you don’t know, ASK!

30. Accept that you will have to work hard to attain what you desire and then get busy

I know there are many other habits that you could come up with that have helped you to overcome and secure more happiness and an inner joy and peace, so why don’t you share them with us!!

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  1. Thanks Nicodemus, ahh yeah, i think that hits us all. The one I work the hardest on is #4 – letting go, whether it is letting go of the past or letting go of focusing on the future.

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