How Far Ahead can You See?

Another great Monday Mojo I had to share from Seth Kahan from  Have a great day and a fabulous week! XOXO Sandy


The future is here.
We all know a little about what is going to happen tomorrow, don’t we?There’s the sun coming up for starters. And if you make a list of no-brainer certainties, it’s actually pretty long. Put them all together and it starts to lay out the near term pretty well. But, there’s no surprises in there. What if you want to push the crystal ball envelope? How far can you go?furture woman.PepsiCo did some great work on this in 2012 and published a paper, Research Foresights. It goes into some helpful detail about how they beefed up their capacity for strategic foresight. Worth a read, for sure.

What does this mean on this amazing Monday morning and how can it help your mojo? It means extraordinary things are coming your way and if you lean far enough out over the prow you can see them forming on the horizon! Squint and look hard – tell me what you see. That’s your assignment this week!


The past, the present and the future are really one:
they are today.
– Harriet Beecher Stowe

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