Pass the Juice – Get Inspired

Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.
~ Corita Kent


Pass the Juice – Get Inspired

What is it that fuels your fire, turns your nut, infuses you with passion and energy?MOjho

And how often is it part of your life?

I need to turn my inner flywheel daily.

There are particular activities that do it for me: taking a run on my trail; riding my bike; cooking, or meditating.

All of these are special times just for me. I do them daily and they help me keep my balance, develop a generative mindset, and maintain presence so I notice my life (otherwise I tend to get into a rabbit hole and the mindless checklist mentality!).

Do you have a daily ritual? How do you keep your flywheel in motion?

What can you do today to inspire and bring joy to YOU!


Taken from Monday Mojo with Seth Kahan


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