Independence for ALL!



No cute rhyme or mystical mind-wanderings, just my thoughts on the price of FREEDOM – your freedom!

Just as our ancestors fought for freedom from a tyrannical empire and gave their lives to have their voices heard, so we must continue to fight the fight of freedom for our PERSONAL selves.  You know that many have died fighting against the British empire, fighting against “taxation without representation”, for women’s rights, for civil liberties, for human rights of all people, and so that other people could be free from monster dictators, but do we think (in this same light) about the men and women who have given their lives to be free from a TYRANNICAL SPOUSE or parent?  A denigrating boss or business associate?  And what about the physically and mentally challenged who fight every day for the independence of movement or thought?  There is sacrifice all around us.

If we listen, really listen, to others personal stories about their “march of FREEDOM”, we will find inspiration, feel sorrow and pain and come to understand their suffering….all for freedom.  These stories are what connects the entire human race!  There is the wife who gives up her home and risks everything, I mean everything, to get free from an abusive and oppressive husband.  Or the husband who must exercise his independence from an unloving, violent or absent wife.  Children who fight their ENTIRE LIVES to free themselves from the marks left by parents who kept them enslaved with no liberties or free pursuits.  Or the person who must fight to maintain a free mind who lives in an oppressive country, under a cruel regime.  I could go on, but I hope you get the picture.  FREEDOM comes with a price for us all everyday.  How can we continue to judge others when we all have the same need?   Freedom belongs to everyone – not just political freedom, but personal freedom, freedom from judgment, freedom from bigotry and hatred.  If we will look into the hearts of the people who are in our lives and accept that we really are the same and embrace the love that’s in us, I think we can change the world.

“Your freedom ENDS where mine begins”. 

There is a respect for human life that comes with acceptance of our individuality.  When I understand more, I am less judgmental.  The less judgmental I am, the more love abounds. The more love there is, the more an individual can move into their freedom!

Happy Independence Day!  XOXOX

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