No matter what you go through, if you have a will to survive, you can and you will.  

Pressed Coffee and Freedom

  Pressed Coffee and Freedom  For my brother Bruce Every morning I have a little routine to start my day. After waking up I shuffle into the kitchen, fill up the water kettle, flip the little blue switch, grind the coffee beans and wait.  I wait for the water to heat and while I’m waiting... Continue Reading →

Celebrate your Freedom with your Individuality

Celebrate Your Freedom with Your Individuality 20% off entire stock through Sunday Happy Independence Day to all!  To celebrate, I am offering 20% off on all purchases over $25 of my eclektics jewelry line - this week only. I believe independence includes having the freedom to love who we want and live our lives without fear.... Continue Reading →

Dig Deep to Grow Strong

Image: It seems like I am always writing when I travel....lately more than any other time!  It is fun to sit on the plane, unload my Macbook, and take a look at what I had written from the previous trip.  Occasionally I am delightfully surprised to discover something pretty cool I have written, and other... Continue Reading →

Voting as a Privilege

I think to maintain our independence we MUST exercise our rights.  If we just give up and lay down, someone else will run our lives or us!  This goes for today's voting in America, or in your personal life - take advantage of being a beautiful, smart, free thinking, soulful and loving human being and... Continue Reading →

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