Don’t Be Caught Up in the Hate

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This morning I received an email from a blog I follow, “The Love Culture“, it woke me up to what I have been feeling, and have always felt about war.  In this post that I will call Don’t Be Caught Up in the Hate, the writer Mish encourages her readers to “keep our eyes wide open and guard our heart”.  I could not have said it any better and had to share it with my Saturday Soulers. I hope you will read this and be inspired as I was to hold fast to love and resist all forms of hate, including the idea of war.

Love and peace,

Don’t be Caught up in the Hate
by Mish at

While the world is at war, guard your heart. Hold on to what is true, even as you get a firmer grasp on reality. Gather the Evidence of Love and keep it in view.

Keep your eyes wide open as we’re bombarded with news of war everyday. But guard your heart. The world can do with one less person filled with reasons to annihilate one another.

Hold on to what is true, even as you get a firmer grasp on reality. Make a conscious effort to gather the Evidence of Love you have seen with your own eyes and felt in your own heart, when you travelled the world, and while growing up in your country. Hold it up high and clear and keep it in plain sight, even as you keep up with the media’s daily war drums.

The hornet’s nest is being stirred with an agenda.

Don’t be caught up in the hate.

For every thing we accuse another country / race / religion of, we have been guilty of the same in different ways, in a different time.

The rules of the game has not changed since the beginning of time.

It seems like with every turn of the century, the beast in every race is allowed to bare its ugly fangs, even if for just a while. Perhaps it’s to remind us we are more alike, than unalike.

Animals kill to survive.

Humans kill in the guise of surviving, in the name of ‘truth’, for the ‘love of god’. As we know, it’s for the love of money and power.

Don’t let them profit from the monstrosity of hate.

Don’t let them profit from a war you don’t want.

If you must boycott something, boycott greed!

The war we should also pay attention to is the war within ourselves.

Deep within, we seek not to harm our neighbours. But when we’re in a hurt mode, hurt is what we generate all around.

Begin by tearing down our own walls and barriers built over the years, against love. Before demanding another country / race / religion to apologise to another, begin with the person next to you, the one you find the hardest to say sorry to.

How many loved ones have we blasted in mid-air during a heated conflict?

How many ‘targeted drone strikes’ have we sent through our own vitriolic exchanges on online media?

How many holier-than-thou wars have we fought with our own flesh and blood when we’re caught up in self-righteous indignation?

How many ceasefire have we rejected when a relationship turns sour?

The world is going mad, but the madness is closer home than we think.

Breathe. Exhale. Repeat.

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