Procrastination is Your Friend

procrastination is your friend new blogpost at saturday soul

Procrastination is your friend.

Every writer lives daily with procrastination. If you allow yourself to feel guilty about that, then you’ll feel bad about yourself as a writer. Instead, embrace your procrastination as a friend, enjoy it … and then ask the friend to leave for awhile so you can get your work done. No friend should monopolize all your time. Get your writing done, then invite the friend back when you have free time.”   ~ from What I’ve Learned as a Writer By Leo Babauta

I love this!  I love it because it is saying to me “it’s okay to play”.  Now of course you have to take that in context, what I mean is that it is okay to stop, daydream, play a minute, breathe, give ourselves a rest from the constant pull and pressure of having to produce and perform!  Remember we are human BEINGS not machines.  In that moment of stopping we can be refreshed, see more clearly, and gain insight and creativity!

Ok, that’s all I wanted to share, I’m going to go take a quick nap now….. ; ))

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