Drunk with Your Love

drunk in your love a new blog post at SaturdaySoul.com

Drunk with Your Love

Funny funny
Ain’t it honey
The way you move the way
You smell
Bringing rapture
To my senses
To my heart
Wandering from where I’ve been
To where you are
Can you see me
. . . Now?
What did I do to deserve this?

Sweet kisses
From the wet corners of your mouth
Taking my breath away
And yes,
Loving me
Loving me!
How can this be?

Moving on the stream
of this discovery
Embracing your every move
. . . to the end
(To the end of what?)
90 days, years, hours . . .
Am I drunk?
Yes, I think I am
Drunk with the scent of you on my bed
And the memory of your touch
. . . the expression of your heart
Drunk with your love

© Sandy Hibbard

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