what pain may come alice hearts saturday soul


Ok, so you don’t want to deal with the hard stuff?  Get over it!  Pain will come in life and the best way to handle it is to face it head on.  Dealing with, thinking about, inspecting the pain through writing, painting, singing screaming, crying, praying has been the path that has helped to connect the pain (babysteps) to the healing in my soul.  What ever you face in your life, look at it straight in the eye and don’t back down.  You have the strength in you to overcome the emotions your soul dishes out.  And yes sometimes we need help – most times we need help!  We need each other, we need professional or wise advice and direction, we need goals to move us forward, we need hope in something bigger than all of this and we need to BELIEVE in LOVE, not wimpy, flaky, doormat or sexy love, but unconditional love that comes from knowing we are loved and of great value – everyone of us!

Love and Peace!


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