Where is your essence?

It is completely meaningless to put effort into activities that have no essence.

Let’s just say that “essence” is “that which is”.  It is what makes up the substance, the core, the fullness of something…of you, your ideas, your dreams, your work, your love.  It is the choicest, most essential part of you!  The question I pose is “is it your soul”?  Can you misplace it?  Can you change it? Increase it?  Or is it just the result of “that which is”.  Whatever the answer, don’t hide, and don’t be afraid to seek the essence of beauty, love, life, joy, justice, peace, knowledge, wisdom, understanding….in you, your love and in your work.  Life is short, be beautiful (pssst….I have a feeling that your essence is more beautiful than you ever dreamed).

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