How Do You Say Thank You? thank you graffiti
How do you say thank you?

Thank you to love that has brought me unbelievable pain
Thank you pain for teaching me how to navigate circumstances with my mind and a grateful heart
Thank you to my mind for being strong, clear, resilient
ever curious about how things work
Thank you grateful heart for learning to accept things without judgment and embrace the gifts I have
Thank you for acceptance without judgment that teaches me tolerance and love
Thank you tolerance that helps me to forgive and move forward in my own power leaving bitterness, hatred and envy behind.

Thank you for love that has brought me unspeakable joy
Thank you joy for transforming my life with just a simple change in attitude
Thank you  change of attitude for helping me remap my own feelings so that I experience honesty and awareness in my life today
Thank you today for giving me NOW, the moment I live, the opportunity to love, learn, explore, play and work, and for every imaginable opportunity that life holds
Thank you opportunity, thank you for always being there
Your voice is often soft and quiet, and many times you are not in the light where I can see you, but if I pay attention, you are always there…. thank you!

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