Live Like the Young

life like a child laugh like a child www.saturdaysoul.comRemember how we use to play
play like there was no one looking
our imaginations engaged, our dreams set free
remember how we use to laugh
laugh like we discovered gold
we didn’t care if we disturbed anyone
the game was on to see who could laugh the longest
the loudest
magic shows, secret hideouts, adventures in the park
there was no end to what the mind could conjure up
there was no stopping the heart

Where does that child go?
can you bring her wonder back?
…that part in us that easily believes…
No, we don’t have to stop dreaming
if you play with me we will make a game of getting old
if you laugh with me we will lose complete control
And if you love me, if you choose to be with me
We will adventure like the young and discover the world from our hearts

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