Avoid Mediocrity – Get That Passion Back!

Get That Passion Back!

Sometimes we have to go backwards to go forward. I know for me, it has always been a good thing to look back at the things that brought me joy, prosperity, success, knowledge etc. etc. and look at those activities and decide whether or not they’re worth doing again. I’m stoked for this new decade and anticipate that I will take many of those old things and weave them into my journey along with the new.

Everything is old. Everything is new again.

This decade, I have the gift of a grandchild to inspire, love and teach. She is a great little meme and copycat, and a good workout partner who loves the outdoors and hanging with the girls. I realized I needed to get out and move again, like I used to. She inspired me to be better. From time to time I have allowed work and responsibilities with family and business to take precedence over taking care of myself and enjoying the things that bring me joy. I have no doubt you can say the same thing. Discovering those things that we once loved, renewing them and reengaging them, renews our passion!

Mediocrity is the result of losing your passion and just going along without thinking. We can get super lazy when we don’t have a drive toward something. We can get very nonchalant when we don’t have a strong belief in something. We will ignorantly accept poor quality relationships, bad music and art, unfulfilling jobs, inferior products, unhealthy food, and just about anything when we don’t know – or have a passion for – what we want.  Mediocrity blends all the lines into a nasty, plain, and uninspiring grey that hides, or worse, rejects, the exceptional… I could go on and on.

So get that passion back ya’ll! Look deep and connect yourself to something you used to do that worked for you, that you loved. Refine it, reestablish it, rework it, update it, and do it. Get out and move, take in the moment, eat healthier food, watch smarter movies, read inspiring books, practice love. Be selective in your relationships and don’t compromise yourself and what you know you want.

This year – this decade, say YES to what YOU want!

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