Passionate Work for Sweet Fruits

I have found through my work experience, that when I put my passion behind it, my efforts flourish.

I have had many careers – music, corporate, entrepreneurship – ranging from the ministry (yep, I’m not jkg!), to music, insurance, art and photography, marketing and advertising, to owning my own companies. Some things I chose to do, others I had to do because my circumstances demanded it. It’s funny though, that in some of my darkest hours, my work saved me. In my work life, I have developed deep relationships with people who challenged me to be my best. I have learned things that were outside of my storehouse of knowledge, expanding my abilities and teaching wisdom and patience. I honed my talents, and broadened my cognitive abilities. I learned how to keep a grip on my attitude and how to treat others. This is what work does. And not to be too fluffy about it, I have had my beatings also! I have lost and lost big. The experiences gained from those hard falls have given me insight and pushed me toward opportunities that changed my life. I wouldn’t take any of them away.

This is why we work. It’s more than getting a paycheck. In this country, work offers the opportunity to create our dreams, to BE and DO what we are passionate about. When we mix it all together, I think it creates a beautiful picture.

Your work matters. What you do with passion and love has an impact on us all. I hope that today, Labor Day 2019, you will relish in that. Take a break if you can, and if you can’t, take a nice long lunch break!


sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul


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