My Monday Mojo

My Monday Mojo

Monday comes and it always feels like a new beginning (but not like Sunday mornings). I wake and immediately begin to mentally compile a list of all the things I plan to do, need to do, for the week. It all begins to rush through my mind like the water running through the sink when I wash my face to wake up. Running through fast and quiet. The list grows organically, like silent branches, roots, sending out its tentacles to wrap-twist-tie around and through my brain. I pull the phone up to my face (still cozily tucked into my bed) to check the temp outside, wondering what kind of clothes I need to wear and how to regulate a comfortable climate here in my teeny-tiny work space apartment. Notifications…anything from anyone? I quickly read through my horoscope looking for a magical prediction of success, love, or perhaps a warning with instructions on how to avoid a sinister calamity. Facebook, Instagram, NYT latest news stories, and finally, my emails. Just a quick look, I will need coffee before I answer these. All business of course, and that’s good, but how nice would it be to hear from an old friend, maybe they’re writing just to say hello and they missed me, or give me an update on their life. Maybe they were thinking of me and want to send me an encouraging word, be my cheerleader, because we all need one. We all need someone to “see” us, I mean really witness our life. I believe that so deeply. We don’t always get that, but I think we are much better off when we have those kind of relationships and friendships in our lives. They act as a balancing weight on our unicycle ride of existence, sort of. But anyway, it’s all good. And then there is this pressure of making something happen. Why do I always feel that way? I don’t mean the normal thoughts of a single woman who runs her own business; thoughts of prospecting and following up on leads, marketing, serving my clients and making sure they are happy with my work, balancing my expenses and profits, and so important, coming up with progressive and creative new ideas. Those things are on my mind 24/7. “The pressure of making something happen” – I’m talking about that Monday (any) morning time of reflection on want and desire, what needs to be and what is lacking – in life, in love in spirit. You know those thoughts? Sometimes a little self deprecating and resulting in making you feel invisible…but I digress.

So I jump up, do the hustle. Time for brooding or indulging my fantasy mind will come later, this is a new week and I need to kick ass, make something fabulous happen, be creative, prepare for what’s ahead.  See? There I go…. Hustle the coffee, check on my clients, call my loved ones, text a friend, do something great…go go work work.

Today, I just want to settle into my start position and absorb every nuance that presents itself to me…as it comes. I posted a note on my desk that says “turn loose and move forward”. That’s the kind of hustle I plan to do – let go of the things that are not fruitful in my life – business or otherwise – and move forward. My big sister said to me a long time ago to “cut the fat”, and I get it. Damn I hate that kind of grossly fatty-gristly meat, makes me nauseous to even think about eating it. Now, imagine that kind of rancid fat at work in your daily life; creating a network of mighty powerful tentacles slithering their way into your head, squeezing the life and joy right out of your day, your work, and eventually your relationships. What damage is it doing? The fat of old memories, disappointments and hurts, failures and loss. Cut it loose, move beyond them.

This is way too much to think about before my first cup of Monday coffee, but it is how I think. We are not just made for cubicles you see, we are not formed and fashioned, evolved and fitted for a life of [just] business; we are here to BE. And we are constantly looking, albeit subconsciously for most, for a way to do that. BE happy, BE loved, BE at peace, BE successful. Living on Monday is the same as living on Wednesday, or Saturday, or any day! It’s about being present to what is in our life at every moment, yet being gentle and curious about our past. Paying attention. Loving and giving, working, eating, creating, caring for each other. Being human.

Back to my phone. I check my bank account, read the news and briefly log in to my Whirly Word game to see if somehow, magically in the night, my mind had come up with the winning word that has been dogging me since yesterday afternoon. Nope… nothing. I jump out of bed. Coffee! Water! With a invigorated bounce in my step (just the thought of my home brewed coffee puts a smile on my face), I am happy to be alive and grateful that my brain and my body is working… and oddly, I’m looking forward to those tentacles of thoughts and ideas and turning creative on them, making them into moments instead of worries. Successes – one by one. That is up to me.







© Sandy Hibbard

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