It Happened The Moment I Saw You…

Another beautiful excerpt from Avastave’s continuing exploration of love. If you have ever truly been in love with someone where the connection was so strong, then you will understand this. It’s not about losing your life or yourself to someone else, but instead it is about a unique blending of two lives and hearts together. It is indeed a gift and you are lucky if you have ever experienced it. ❤️❤️ Sandy

There are so many words to describe how I felt the moment I saw you, and a multitude more on why I will never leave. In the end if I could summarize what I felt for him, it wasn’t love, at least not in its fleeting form. It was beyond love, it was as if I found the missing part of my soul, so in a sense you weren’t the love of my life, you are, my life. #Avastave#followthestory

Watch the video here: The Love Project

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