Buried in Your Broken Heart

The horrific sins that are perpetrated against the innocent that destroy, corrupt and kill under the guise of religion, god or piety is what inspired this writing… I know it’s heavy, but I believe the subject to be universal enough to open a path of love to all that can bring healing.

Love & peace… Sandy

(The incredible image is from my friend on Instagram, check him out at @sand_gambler.jpeg)


* * * * * * *


Buried Sin

broken from the start

like leaves arrested before turning green

and flower buds that never woke

shards of glass

they stick and stain

no breath of hope

to breathe again

without a thought you gave your light

to something you could not explain

creeping on a soldiers cross

a sword of justice by his name

but no valiant king was he

only a master of deceit

…are you really not ok?

…will there be a better day

if you follow and obey?

he was the keeper of your shame

broken twisted

twigs and rain

covered up the muddied marks

of silent screams felt in the dark

…what did your mother teach you?

…what was your father’s plan?

to cry and pray and run away…

to find your life in magic land?





made up stories to save your soul

but never taught him self control

or gave you power

to say “no”

i’m just outside

i’m looking in

i saw your life when you began

…where did you go?

…how did it end?

they found you in a dug-out hole

with your brain crush’ed by your soul

braised by sun and moon and scars

buried in your broken heart.



© Sandy Hibbard June 8, 2017

Featured image by @sand_gambler.jpeg / http://vandercastle.tumblr.com/

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