They were Mixfits

Click on the video to listen to and watch the spoken word poetry by Sandy.

They were Mixfits

He was a blend of everything she ever wanted . . .

Ringlets of his hair tangled in her fingers
and his slender body lingered
. . . in her imagination
pouty lips and steel blue eyes
provoked her deepest desire
to know him
but he was a mischievous kind
with a heart so complicated
it was hard to get through

His boyish charms delighted her
his oldish heart comforted her
feeding the need of desire
and the hope of falling in love
. . . yes
she fell in love

Heart interrupted
emotions captured
inducing days
coloring months
. . . years
of languishing
over her obsessive addiction
leading her down a road of endless daydreams
and risqué inventions

No poetry or conversations
only her imagination

A sad naïveté’
but full of wonder
she moved slow
setting a pace to match the music
of her heart
of her love

Like a gypsy tossing out convention
she worked hard for his attention

…And they were worlds apart
yet he could not let her go
and she…?
would not

“I’m an old soul”
he would say
“is this what love feels like”
she would wonder
“don’t get serious”
he replied

No love lost
all hope dies

She would do anything to see him
he would do anything she wanted
a paradox of love
on a painful endless journey
into groundhog day
repeating joy
after fear
after tear
year after year
…after year

Yet they were perfect –
stubborn and childish
tender and giving
practically wise
creatively driven
in all their history
it was just a total mystery

What would
what could
these feelings ever bring
that would make sense…
could they endure
over time and circumstance?

Music shared
songs sung
words written
photos taken
he ignited her muse
she would quietly whisper
“…but I love you”
he would say nothing
…rounding off her sentences with more questions

Yet delicately they were
a predictable
stream of emotions
rushing in and running out
he was her saffron delight
rich and intense
rare and hard to get
she was his light
lending love into his life

He was a reservoir of passion ready to explode
…but he held back
anxiously intense
his heart
privately keeping
to his reality
that it did’t make sense

She was a time bomb
waiting for words
holding her heart for only him
anticipating with fear his rejection
but it never really came
because love grew strong
in this connection

A mixed up fit
uniquely together
seduced by their love
lured by curiosity
and held snug by the
tenacity of their passions

The perfect -ness
that lives in rest
between the arms
of two mixfits

© Sandy Hibbard

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