The Distance Between Us

Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us

There is a distance
a chasm between us
a void that cannot be filled
with mere words
or expressions made
not even shortening the distance of miles between us
The span is more than miles
more than years
It is two hearts separated
engaged in two different worlds

couple-kissing-upside-down2But in that first moment
all distance was removed
differences were unnoticed
years didn’t matter
ideals didn’t matter
All that mattered was each other
All that mattered was the space between
two pair of eyes
looking at each other for the first time
The space in that breath
between our mouths
when we kissed
The space between our bodies
as we made love
That was all that mattered

I want to return to that joy
to awaken to another moment
of total abandon
that brief look into your soul
when I saw your heart
felt your skin on mine
and was forever captivated by your smile.

© Sandy Hibbard

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