Knowing when to UNPLUG from all this Sh*t



I feel grateful today

As I sit here on this beautiful morning in Salt Lake City, working outdoors, fountains spraying a gentle cooling mist into the air, and nice music playing lightly in the background, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness. I think most of us are pretty lucky; in that we have a roof over our head, a job we love (or at least some income or support), and a beautiful group of people around us who truly care and love us. We are very fortunate to live in a place where there is beauty and convenience all around, I mean just look! Places you can go and sit and work, without being bothered, all the luxuries, and more than we really need.  I have to agree with Michelle Obama who said “America really is the greatest country in the world“.

I just wanted to share a quick note to encourage you today to think on the good in your life. Its an old way of thinking you guys, but one that holds great truth – Count your blessings!

There’s nothing really complicated or super smart about learning to be happy and having soul success – it is simply maintaining and practicing a grateful heart and being centered on good. Strengthen your will to follow your dreams. GIVE more than you take, and BLOOM.

Knowing when to UNPLUG from all this Sh*t

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the media noise and rhetoric that can easily divide and destroy the love between us. Learn when it’s time to SHUT IT OFF. Listen to your thoughts and feel your emotions. When they get to a point of anger and anxiety, it’s time to UNPLUG and focus on the good that is NOW.

Please make it a beautiful day, AND, I want to thank each of you for taking the time to embrace and accept my heart and read my words.

Love and hugs! XOXOX
sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul

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