This Moment Counts

If I’m remembered for having done a few good things,
and if my presence here has sparked some good energies, that’s plenty.

Sidney Poitier


This Moment Counts

There is so much to do! So many cool things are going on! So many possibilities exist.

Yet each is built upon this moment.

Some say, this moment is all we have – the whole universe extends from there. Everything hinges on what you do right now. That sounds like a lot to consider!

But [I believe], it all comes down to kindness, gratitude, clear sight and clear action.

Kindness forms the basis of how you treat yourself and those immediately around you. Infusing this moment with generosity, consideration and good-naturedness. There is something magical about putting yourself into the present situation with a good spirit that taints everything that comes out of it with integrity.

Gratitude opens your eyes to all the gifts that have come your way, whether they are the people in your life or the circumstances that support you. It shifts your inner focus in a way that allows you to see the resources you have while simultaneously filling your heart with appreciation. A powerful duo.

Clear sight lays out the path ahead. When you move from a stance of inner certainty, your actions are direct, transparent, easy to follow and sure to either achieve the impact you want or bring the required feedback so you can stay on course.

Clear action makes progress possible, carrying forward the stream of your intent. It is the necessary force for advancement.

This moment counts. Be here now. Be kind to yourself and the people you find yourself with. Real progress will grow from it.


Taken from Monday Morning Mojo with Seth Kahan – he is such an inspiration!


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