Do I Ever Cross Your Mind Mr. Valentine?


Here is my annual tribute to Mr. Valentine, where ever he is..  I wrote this for Valentine’s Day, it is special  to my heart, and very personal. I hope it will speak to you in some way. Happy Valentine’s Day all you beautiful loving people – take this day to relish in the ability we have to love and feel passion.

sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul




Do I Ever Cross Your Mind Mr. Valentine?

Do I ever cross your mind when it rains…
wondering how I am navigating the traffic in the storm or if the pool is flooded?
Do you ever have an instinct to pick up the phone and call me
when your work is through
…just like you used to?

I do.

Some days I want to hear your voice on the other end of the phone,
calming my nerves and easing my stress as we laugh about the day.
Whispering silly words in foreign voices…our special mode of play.
It’s hard to shut off my “best friend” mode.

It’s tragically sad how the events of one morning could change our destinies.
No stone left in place,
all thoughts and memories tear-laced.
Dreams shattered and our plans laid to waste.
Nothing remains,
only the debris of a very bad storm.
Me and you…
Lives wrecked by the actions you chose.
How can this happen?
How can a heart grow so cold?

It’s raining still and I feel weary to the bone,
I fixed the pool myself,
the car,
the yard,
and learned to be alone.
And as for my heart?  Oh, I’ll be fine.
But tell me Mr. Valentine, do I ever cross your mind?

© Sandy Hibbard
Featured photo Robot Boy by  vhm-Alex

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