First Swim Can Be Uncomfortable!

Oh we water signs!  We could write poetry, paint, sing and talk about the imagery that water evokes in our minds and spirits.  I call it the fountain of youth and definitely one of my muses.  My little modest pool in my back patio area is my water spot.  It is a distraction, my rest, a private little haven for self indulgence, a place to create and think, exercise and write.  So, you can imagine my anticipation of spring/summer when the water becomes warm enough to be able to swim and sometimes just have coffee and relax!

The first swim can be a bit daunting.  In this story, it was cold at first, but after sweeping and cleaning the pool, raking and bagging  leaves for weeks, the back pool area was looking so good that I thought, “why not, it’s 80+ degrees I will get use to it” and I did!  So, I jumped in.  COLD.  Made my skin hurt a bit.  But after a few short minutes and keeping my body moving across the water, I got use to it.  No longer did I feel the bite of the cold.  This experience was wonderful for me and allowed me to set a marker for Spring in my mind (not to mention that my pool season is officially open!), but looking deeper, it taught me something about life.

Sometimes trying something for the first time is frightening.  We’re afraid of the uncomfortableness of the environment (like cold water), but if we set our minds to it, jump in, swim, keep moving, keep breathing – we find ourselves becoming one with it.  And that goes for the good AND the bad, you can get used to it.  So take this little lesson to both extremes – you can jump into shit and get use to the nastiness, or you can jump into beauty and get use to the sweetness.  It depends on what you jump into!  I choose to create an environment that assists me in living my dream.  I make decisions on what it is that I want to do, what it is that helps me be my best for the people in my life, and I create that place to jump into.  A friend once told me  “you can live by choice or by consequence”, I choose to live by CHOICE.  Choose life and love, peace and kindness, beauty and passion – then jump in!

Love and Peace!  Sandy

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