Broken Through to Silence

won't you say my name #saturdaysoul broken through to silence

Broken Through to Silence 

Why won’t you say something?

You’re the one I want

Yet time and distance keeps us apart

The fire of your smile captured me a long time ago

I will follow you to Marghdeen

Just to hear you sing

But don’t let the starlight fade

     Won’t you say my name?

What can break the silence between our hearts

Where time and distance pulls us apart

One word

Only one

Will give us a start

Your words broke my walls of shame

You showed me your heart again

And again

This wasn’t a game

No whose playing who

We occupy the same place

     Won’t you say my name?

I’m letting go for the first time

But i know it won’t be my last

Star gazing

Passion’s fading

And I’m afraid

Afraid of never feeling this again


© Sandy Hibbard

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