Prayer of the Weak

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Prayer of the Weak

It may look like I am weak, but I am not

I pray to open my heart and mind to possibilities and risks unknown

I choose to risk pain so that love can be found

I am not afraid

I am not going to hold back, yet I am terrified

I will wrangle rings of fire to bring you close to my heart

I will do this because I am love

I am not afraid, but I am terrified

Our shredded hearts will heal to become like branches of a tree

Giving rest to our weakened souls

Nurtured by our tears


I pray for you to come and be yourself with me

Let’s fight our way to each other’s arms

And love without fear

Share the terror that we feel

Opening our hearts

To love as no other


What is love but your heart beating?

What is love but my heart speaking?

It is the strongest thing

Yet a fragile gift

Tender, weak and powerful

Life giving, my love, life living

. . . Are you weak enough?


© Sandy Hibbard

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